Seo plans

Ad Crowd is a full-service SEO house that can help you amplify your revenue numbers through SEO. Whether it be a small service retail business or an E-commerce store, we have got you covered.

Ad Crowd Case Study 1

Case Study – geo TLD

One of our Clients with a geoTLD domain wanted to rank their website in another region. They have been around but never focused outside their Domain Geo. So, we considered playing with the semantic approach to building authority using clusters before going for the competitive keywords. Here is how we achieved this

Topical Intent Mapping

Cluster of Search Keywords

Strong Internal Linking


Case Study – YMYL

We all know that sustaining ranks among YML niches is hard, and it becomes even more challenging for doctors and clinics. One of our clients wanted to cut down on Ad Spent’s budget and asked us to increase their organic footprint on Google. We started to rank their services on Google and focused on increasing CTR. Here is what we did:

Our content strategy was based on educating potential customers rather than making a sales pitch. It helped us to convert cold audiences to warm and retarget them in Mid Funnel

Used Parasite SEO techniques to build EEAT for the Team at the Clinic

We rolled out a Digital PR that focused on the importance of specific dental checkups, which a few local news outlets picked, which helped us gain organic backlinks.

Came up with a strategy to increase Brand related queries. (one of the significant Ranking Factors for Google)

Case Study: E-Com vs Google update

An E-commerce client got on board after being disappointed by many SEO Gurus who kept building links for their website but couldn’t rank them. We onboarded them for a trial run, and after optimizing one of their landing pages, we started to see some positive impact. Here is what we did:

Fixed the Site Structure

Removed Canablization of pages

Changed Homepage Content (we will be writing a case study on this soon)

Rolled out during Sept 23 Core Update

Small Business
Website Audit (One Time)
Keyword Research (One Time)
On-Page Optimization
Link Building (1 link)/mo
Local SEO Optimization
Content Strategy (One Time)
Analytics and Reporting
Medium Business
Website Audit (One Time)
Keyword Research (Quarterly)
On-Page Optimization
Content Strategy and Creation (Monthly)
Technical SEO
Schema Markup
Brand Entity Building
Digital PR Link Building (2-3 Links)/mo
Analytics and Reporting
Augmented Plan
👉 SEO Strategy & Roadmap
👉Topical Mapping
👉 Website Optimization
🧒 1 x Technical SEO Resource
🧒 1 x Content Strategist
🧒 1 x Senior Content Writer
🧒 1 x Link Building Resource
🧒 1 x Project Coordinator
✋ One Task per resource at a time
🤝 Unlimited Tasks
🙌 Pause or cancel your plan anytime